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There’s no better approach to get to London Food Tours than investigating London by walking. A couple of years back, there weren’t numerous London strolling visits to look over beside the exemplary ones like the Jack The Ripper Tour or the London Ghost Tour.

Today you can discover numerous more alternatives for London strolling visits that help guests truly discover what London brings to the table. Contingent upon what your interests are, there are a great deal of alternatives to look over.

Numerous Londoners are likewise beginning to continue strolling visits since they know about how little they know of this incredible city, and are quick to find more!

One particularly interesting way to get to know London, is through Food Tours. London food tours are a new concept that has been breaking out in cities all over the world. They combine culture, history, tastings, and exploring new territory on foot, with a local expert. Unlike other London walking tours, where you simply walk from place to place, Food Tours allow you to go into shops, get to know new places and experience tastes that you may have never tried before.

Best London Food Tours and Walking Tours


    london food tours

    There’s no better way to spend Sunday than eating your way around Soho on a cultural walking tour. With all of the incredible places Soho has to offer, this tour is an excellent exploration of the amazing array of delicious flavours in and around Soho.

    This exploration begins with a fabulous breakfast at a sustainable British restaurant in the semi-hidden Kingly Court – just off of the famous Carnaby Street. After a delicious start to the day, more tastings are to follow, as you enjoy a colourful walk through some of Soho’s oldest and most charming streets, eating your way from one interesting international destination to another.

    In addition to the variety of incredible flavours you will taste in Soho, this tour also brings you out of Soho, as you continue eating your way towards Covent Garden. On the way, you will discover a colourful hidden courtyard where you will have a fabulous tasting of international pizza. 

    After your pizza-tasting, we’ve saved the best for last – a gourmet taste of Puglia, Italy. You will savour the most incredible homemade Italian dessert, complimented with delicious Pugliese dessert wine. No better way to end a day!!


Soho, London’s premier neighbourhood for entertainment, is filled with pubs, bakeries, bars, restaurants & coffee shops. This small borough bordering with some of London’s most famous shopping streets like Oxford and Regent Street is always at the forefront in trends, and one thing never lacking, is food.

From the traditional to some of the newest fusions in the city, Soho is the place to learn about London’s incredible International Food scene. Our London food tour of Soho’s International cuisine is an exploration of this neighbourhood’s diverse and historical richness.

Our 3.5-Hour food and cultural walking tour will take you through Soho’s charming historical streets, as you discover a wide variety of International Foods from some of our favourite places.

Checkout: London Food Lovers Soho International Food Tour


    london food tours

    Inspired by the world of flavours found in Britain, many local Brits are creating their own spectacular eateries, where they can show off their local ingredients, local dishes, and British culinary skills. The movement to keep ingredients sustainable and local is taking over Britain and this tour aims to explore the “Modern Tastes of Britain” from the farmers in the market to the shops to the actual locales that are coming up with these fabulous new gastronomic concepts.


Britain hasn’t always had the best reputation for gourmet cooking. Aside from Tea, Beer and Fish & Chips, many visitors to London don’t even know what to consider “British Food”! For many years, Brits themselves haven’t really fussed too much about taking a strong interest in “Traditional” or “Local” food trends like other countries around the world. As a result, no other country welcomes international food with the enthusiasm of Great Britain. Everywhere you look, you can see rich varieties of world flavours – Britain truly has it all. However, FOOD has become one of the biggest trends in the UK – changing the entire culinary scene.

As much as Brits enjoy eating the flavours of the world, a new wave of fabulous restaurants are opening with incredible concepts – and they are 100% BRITISH! The international influence in food has led to an incredible new-found British interest in creating their own culinary fusions, causing many foodies to take traditional international recipes to the next level with local flare.  On this tour, you will discover this local flare on a number of levels – starting in the markets and finishing in one of London’s most incredible British chocolate shops.

Checkout: London Food Lovers Modern Taste of Britain Food Tour


Jack The Ripper is one of the most famous and iconic serial killers of all time. People come from all around to walk through Whitechapel and learn what they can about Jack The Ripper. This tour is designed to take you back into the past, to a time when gin was safer to drink than water…when Whitechapel was one of London’s darkest slums. 


This tour is the only tour in London that has been designed to tell the story of Jack The Ripper as you sample a variety of tastings – some fitting with the Jack The Ripper Story and some that are local favourites in the East End.

The first stop on the tour is to a Gin Bar that sells over 240 different types of gin. Your tour guide will walk you through the mystery that surrounds Jack The Ripper, including some of the most popular theories, where the name Jack The Ripper originates, and detailed info about his victims. To enrich your experience of learning about Jack the Ripper in Whitechapel. This tour includes visits to a variety of interesting Happy Hour locations – giving you a local taste of the East End. 


The East End is one of London’s most fascinating areas. With a long history of overpopulation, immigrants and poverty.

The East End has been known since the 19th Century as one of Britain’s poorest areas. After World War II, much of the neighbourhood was bombed and many people were relocated. A consistent wave of re-building has powered the area for a few decades now. Despite new buildings and many large companies that are now located in the East End, there is still a very alternative subculture that thrives in this eclectic area, where street art is a way of life and hipsters roam the streets.

Despite the recent move towards a slight degree of gentrification, the East End is still full of old, run-down streets that capture an eerie reminiscence of days past. This tour was designed to show the different faces of the East End and give you a good idea of what has changed and has remained the same over time.

Checkout: London Food Lovers Jack The Ripper Tour


    london food tours

    Our Food Tours offer a unique discovery of London’s diverse Food Scene while exploring culturally and historically rich neighbourhoods. Whether you would like to do one of LONDON FOOD TOURS privately with your group or Customise your own tour – we are happy to help you create the best activity for your team.

    Food Tours are the perfect activity to enhance social, corporate or team building events, as participants are taken through interesting historic streets, while tasting a wide variety of foods from some of the most unique places in London.


    We work with local businesses and local foodies like us that are passionate about what they do. In addition to simply tasting foods, we try to connect the people behind the scenes with participants of the tour, so that our groups can fully understand the passion behind the delicacies.

    Your group will be provided with an expert Food Guide, who will lead you to some of Soho’s most famous institutions, while keeping your group entertained as well as informed about food, cultures, and interesting historical points. Your group will get a more unique and personalised understanding of Soho’s International food scene.This is the perfect option for corporate groups that are looking for a more exclusive and customised experience.

    Checkout: London Food Lovers Corporate Food Tours


    london food tours

    If you want an intimate experience with your own private tour guide, this is the tour for you. Having your own dedicated expert Food Guide means getting a more unique and personalised understanding of London’s diverse food scene.

    Your expert private Food Guide will bring you to a number of unique places, while keeping you entertained and informed about a number of interesting anecdotes including food trends, food history, cultures, and other historical references. This is the perfect option for individuals, families, or private groups that are looking for a more exclusive and customised experience.

    This is the perfect option for anyone that is looking for a more exclusive and customised experience.

    Checkout:  London Food Lovers Private Tours


In spite of the fact that you can locate a wide assortment of sustenance visits in exemplary “foodie” urban communities like Rome, New York and Chicago, London is new to the idea of Food Tours. Numerous individuals still don’t recognize what a staggering culinary offering that London brings to the table! Strolling around and investigating new eateries and worldwide cooking styles may be one of the best new ideas that exist! London Food Lovers offers an extremely remarkable strolling visit called the Soho International Food Tour. It is a 4 hour investigation by walking, where individuals can attempt an assortment of universal cooking styles, while they find out about new places, the historical backdrop of how those sustenances touched base to London, and taste new flavors! Investigating London Food Tours by walking never tasted so great!

Ultimate 10 Rules for Eating in London


Take a stab at something new: There’s a universe of sustenance out there and eatery analyst Jay Rayner goes past the traveler aides and attendants to dish up a few bits of knowledge for global eating experiences.

On your home Jay, you’re an incredible foodie. You know where to locate the finest meat, the best Coffee and the smoothest Chocolate. More than that, you know when to go, where to sit and what to tip.

In any case, none of that well deserved nearby learning is any great to you when you arrive in another spot surprisingly. Furthermore, let’s be honest, the nature of your eating and drinking can represent the deciding moment your outing. So how would you maintain a strategic distance from the traveler traps, sniff out a genuinely vital supper, not tension out over paying the bill and in the meantime, get a genuine taste of the city you’re in?

Glad you inquired!

Here are ultimate 10 rules for eating in london:


How much more pleasant it is to request the bill in the nearby dialect as opposed to making those eager jotting movements noticeable all around with your hands.

In London, it’s “I’d like the bill, please”. France, it’s “L’addition, s’il vous plait”. In Italy, “Il conto, per favore”. In Spain, “La cuenta, por support”. In Portugal, “A conta, por support”. In Germany, “Kick the bucket rechnung, bitte”. In Greece, “To logariasmo, parakalo”. In Japan, “Okanjou o onegaishimasu”.

In Thailand, it’s “Check receptacle kap” in the event that you are male, and “Check canister ka” in the event that you are female. In Korea, it’s “Gesano juseyo”. In China, utilize the Mandarin “Qing jiezhang”, in spite of the fact that the Cantonese “Ng goi, mai dan” is more normal in Guangdong or Hong Kong. In Russia, “Rasschitajtye, nas pozhalujsta”.

Best of luck 🙂 with that last one.


Try not to tip in Japan and China. Do tip in America. Consider it in Switzerland and Sweden. The reasoning is accomplished for you in France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Hong Kong, and Singapore, where an administration charge is consequently included, however you can round the bill up on the off chance that you need to leave additional for your server.

In the US, waitstaff by and large anticipate that 15 will 25 for every penny of the aggregate bill to “top up” their low wages. In London, an optional 12½ for every penny tip is regularly added to your bill. It’s likely generally too – you give working a shot 12 ½ per penny of 150 quid after three glasses of red – however some staff will likewise leave the tip segment open on your charge card receipt, trusting you will tip twice. If all else fails, there’s nothing amiss with courteously inquiring as to whether administration has been incorporated. Also, yes, there’s an application for that. Globe Tipping, 99c.


Travel guides as always knows about the places and important checkpoints that no foreigner would like to miss and must visit while their tour.


It’s not what you eat, it’s how you eat it. At the point when eating with your hands in Morocco the Center East or India, it’s pleasant to utilize just your right hand. Thus, in China utilize the shading coded serving chopsticks to serve your nourishment, as opposed to your own. In Naples, a pizza never sees a blade and fork. It’s best eaten in the hands – a lyrics, or collapsed like a book – while in America, twofold plunging (dunking your chip into the dish after you’ve effectively taken a chomp) is a wrongdoing deserving of death.


Not everyone takes a seat to supper at 8pm. In Spain and South America, it’s more similar to 10 or 11pm. You can meander around the roads of Madrid at 1am watching families with youthful youngsters taking a lackadaisical after-supper walk. In most Arab nations, supper is likewise for the most part taken after 10pm, while Parisians and Romans have a tendency to eat around 9pm. In Sweden, 6pm is considered splendidly adequate, while New York eateries have a tendency to have two sittings, the first as ahead of schedule as 5.30pm.


How would you arrange when you can’t comprehend an expression of the menu? Get up and go out for a stroll around the lounge area and look at what other people is eating. At that point return and indicate the things that look the most engaging, and supper is finished.


Simply get out there and pound the asphalt yourself, or book a foodie walking tour, which has the special reward of helping you stroll off the previous evening’s abundances. These sound great: Sarah Rose’s strolling voyage through Montmartre, which incorporates stops at three diverse neighborhood eateries for dish, fundamental course and pastry. Eating London’s East End Tour, which fills you in on the historical backdrop of the East End from the Great Fire of London to Jack the Ripper, with prevents for everything from a Brick Lane curry to conventional fish sticks and french fries and a half quart of genuine beer. London Food Tours providing several food tours you can click here


There’s a massive amount of info on the web that will inevitably lead to many a late night of red wine and bleary eyes before you get overwhelmed and give up. So dig down and zero in on a few special food travel blogs.


One great eatery prompts another, with only one inquiry to a brilliant supervisor or culinary expert. Approach them for a spot that does great espresso (all eatery industry masters know where the great espresso is); a great bar and a decent nearby place to eat; and you’re en route.


Having your heart set on eating a specific eatery, just to think that its shut when you arrive, is one of the pitfalls of advanced travel. I’ve been known not the eateries first and the flights second. Maintain a strategic distance from France, Italy and Spain in August, when everybody – including culinary experts, restaurateurs and key suppliers – goes on siestas.

Watch out for key dates for religious celebrations, open occasions and notwithstanding donning occasions. All set to survey a hot new eatery in Rome I swung up to discover to locate the whole place transformed into a World Cup screening space for Italy versus France, with tables of cheeses and basins of lager. In any event Italy won.

Watch out for climate designs as well. The substantial downpours of the storm season can hose the charms of open air noodle markets and feasting patios crosswise over south-east Asia from July to October.

Tips from a Food Tour Guide on “How to find the Best London Food Tours”


The concept of the Food Tour is a recent phenomenon that is spreading all over the world. From lesser known villages to famous large metropolises, Food Tours are one of most popular activities to do when visiting a new city or country, and London is no exception to this Food Tour craze.

Best London Food Tours

With all of the choice out there – how can you find the Best London food tours?  As a Tour Guide, who has been working in the Food Tourism industry since 2008, I will try to give you some of my own insider tips to finding good tours versus the fake ones, because whether you’re a foodie or not… there’s nothing worse than paying for a bad Food experience!




2015website76As a massive foodie, I love the idea of doing food tours when I visit new cities. I can’t think of a better way to learn about a local culture than through their local foods. However, just like trying to choose a restaurant, sometimes it’s not easy to tell which company has a heart and which one is just in it to take advantage of you.  Having worked as a tour guide for many years, and I have worked with companies that truly had passion for their clients and their business and other companies that didn’t.

I’ve put together a list of things I recommend to take into consideration when choosing a tour. Hopefully they will help you find the BEST London food tours and anywhere else you may go:


  1. GO LOCAL: 

2015website8The best-quality London Food Tours are run by locals – not a company that has tours in 10 other cities around the world. Small is everything with culinary tours. I always like to read the profiles of how people got started. This makes a big difference when it comes to their local knowledge and personal touch, as opposed to running it like a mechanical, rehearsed script. Many people would be really surprised to know that some of the more popular and “professional-looking” food tour companies may not be the BEST option. Quite a few of them aren’t even run by people that live in the city where they are running the tour. I know it might not seem like there’s a big difference between doing tours with big companies or local, small businesses, but it really comes down to the authenticity of your tour. A big company isn’t going to do the work to find out what local culture is all about. They will pick cliché foods that they think tourists will want to try in that city – and even if they seem super authentic, that makes a huge difference. It’s like choosing between a corporate food chain that has pre-packaged portions and set menus and no creativity and that little, family-run restaurant on the corner that will take care of you in their own special way. I’ve witnessed this first-hand, when used to work for a food tour company that made me memorise a 4-hour script in order to do their tours. I had to recite it to the clients during the tour instead of allowing me to be myself. I made it look extremely natural, so most clients didn’t know, but this is what goes on behind the scenes with companies that don’t have heart behind what they do.



The best London Food Tours aren’t necessarily always going to be found with the most aesthetically pleasing website. Remember that most small businesses don’t have the same kind of budget that big companies have. This means that there websites might not be the best in the world and they might still be learning a thing or two about social media and user-friendly websites, but that doesn’t always reflect how good their tour is. Websites are a work in progress and cost a great deal of money and time for these companies.. and if they spend more time doing tours and making their tours amazing, then their website might not be as good. So don’t always judge a tour by the website.



Being found at the top of the list on Google doesn’t have much to do with the quality of the tour – it just means that the Food Tour company had more money to invest in their advertising. More times than not, the companies that can afford these kinds of services are not the authentic, local companies – run by people that created a tour because of their passion to teach people about their local food and culture. It means it is run by a larger organisation that is more focused on getting a higher return for their investment. The same goes for TripAdvisor… I can’t deny that they do have some useful information, but when I look for authentic restaurants with a heart, it’s not always easy to rely on their content. For as much as you hate to hear it, many companies find ways to get people to write reviews. I used to work for one company that paid the tour guide a nice bonus if they had 15 5-star reviews a month. So the tour guides would get their friends and family members and anyone they knew, to write reviews so they could get a bonus… And even though TripAdvisor says they have strict controls for this, I can look at that company’s profile and see more than 1000 reviews – and they were definitely not from real clients.



2015-05-17 17.18.52When I used to work in Italy as a Food Tour Guide, I used to get a lot of people on the tours that had come to Italy just to eat Pizza or just to eat Pasta.. those are great options, but they aren’t the only thing Italy has to offer. I’ve found the same thing in London. Many people don’t even know what London has to offer, so they just play it safe and stick to things like Fish & Chips or Steak pies. Don’t get me wrong – there is nothing wrong with either one of those dishes, but there is so much more out there. Many of the commercial food tours will give you what they think you want…I personally think that they best tours are tours that push the boundaries a little bit.. and they don’t give you what YOU THINK you want.. they give you what the LOCALS think is the best. Be open when choosing a food tour and not only will you taste interesting foods, but you will also learn something!



2015website62Ok, I have to admit that I have a slight advantage in creating a menu for food. As a certified sommelier, I have studied that importance of putting together flavours and not making the mistake to put things out of order. HOW you taste things makes a HUGE difference when it comes to what you can get out of those flavours. I designed the Soho International Food Tour as I would have designed a wine tasting… lighter flavours first, then medium, and finishing with bold flavours and finally dessert. It might not seem very significant, but I have a great example of just how important it is. A commercial food tour company decided to copy the majority of the stops for one of the tours I designed and since they have no experience in putting together flavours, they don’t know how much it impacts the experience of the taster. On one occasion, while I was doing a tour, I had a woman tell me that she had actually gone on this commercial company’s tour the evening before and had already sampled the tasting we were about to have – but didn’t really like it, so she was ok to skip that tasting. I told her that she should try it again – just to try it. And she did, and was completely blown away that it tasted completely different than when she had had it the previous night on the other tour. She couldn’t figure it out – but I knew straight away. She was tasting it with us while her pallet was still relatively untouched (as it was our second tasting) so she got to really taste it for what it was. It just proved to me once again how experience in flavours goes a lot farther than just throwing together flavours and tastes like many of the larger, commercial companies do.



The amount of food tours will continue increasing alongside our massive interest in food-culture and travel. I actually know three people that have opened Food Tours after going on tours with me and have written me to ask how to do it and get tips on what makes it run more smoothly, so I think that Food Tours will increasingly be a way of the future – which means that you will have to learn how to be a savvy chooser if you want to make sure to have an authentic experience.2015-10-02 13.02.42 copy

I hope the above tips help you to find the BEST London Food Tours. There are quite a few choices out there – and of course I am impartial to London Food Lovers Tours – because it’s run by Tour Guides who LOVE food and LOVE what they do, but I’m sure we aren’t the only ones. Whether it’s small or large company, as long as you keep in mind some of the above points, you will be able to find the BEST Food Tours – wherever you go.