London Food Lovers is a LOCAL Food Tour company operated and run by local foodies who LOVE FOOD!


London Food Lovers was an idea dreamt up by a couple of passionate foodies, who spent years exploring London’s diverse food scene. We decided to take our passion for food one step further and bring London’s unique cosmopolitan flavors to the world through Food Tours. For us, so much can be learned through food. Behind every dish, there is a story, a history, and something you can learn from each culture. We are not just tour guides, we are “food lovers” and our mission is to discover and explore London’s most interesting food offerings – and bring our clients directly to their tables.


Why Food Tours in London?

When we first started telling people that we wanted to do a “food tour” in London, we heard quite a few skeptical remarks. “Why London? What could you possibly eat there?” The answer is simple: London is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. In one street, you can find foods from 20 different countries, being cooked from nationals of each of those countries! In terms of variety, it is one of the most unique cities in the world. From international markets to restaurants and shops, you can find EVERYTHING in London. We couldn’t imagine a better place to organise unique, delicious “Food Tours”!


Why Choose Food Lovers Tours?

It sounds cliché to say that Food Lovers is different from other tour companies, so we won’t do that, but one thing we definitely have, is passion for what we do! We are foodies. As avid travellers, we have lived in a number of different places and we know that it is hard to feel like a local. When you travel, you want to feel like you are getting an authentic experience. Doing food tours is a way to not only discover a city, but also discover places that locals go to, and of course, avoid food traps-which are generally extremely low quality and usually expensive.

We want to bring you to the places that have a story and a heart. Places that you will remember.
Every place that we chose for the tour, were places that left us speechless and very impressed. And most importantly, we want you to walk away with an experience that you will remember and taste again and again.

Meet The Team

Sarah Rose
Tour Guide/Tour Creator

Sarah Rose is a professional Sommelier and has been a tour guide for a number of years in Italy, before she moved to London. Her passion for food and healthy eating has fuelled her to write a book about her wide variety of culinary experiences around the world – we can’t wait to read it!

Marks Markera
Tour Creator & Customer Service

Marks is passionate about food in every way and has an incredible pallet to prove it! Learning about food from an early age in his mother’s kitchen, Marks knows how to pair flavours that most people wouldn’t ever put together. His love for food, travel and culinary experiments helps us create our delicious tours in London.

Tour Guide

Maurizia is a tour guide who originates from Italy, where she worked in Rome for many years. She is currently working on a PHd in historic restoration in London. We are lucky to have her on our team – she can “WOW” people with her knowledge and her passion for food…a passion she has had her entire life

London Food Lovers Team
Customer Service

We always have someone helping us with customer service. It’s really important for us that all of our guests feel looked after and comfortable, so we all take turns making sure that the communication lines are open all the time. If you ever need to contact us for anything, we are ready to be there for you!

Our Company Values