Corporate Food Tours

Our Food Tours offer a unique discovery of London’s diverse Food Scene while exploring culturally and historically rich neighbourhoods. Whether you would like to do one of OUR FOOD TOURS privately with your group or Customise your own tour – we are happy to help you create the best activity for your team.

Food Tours are the perfect activity to enhance social, corporate or team building events, as participants are taken through interesting historic streets, while tasting a wide variety of foods from some of the most unique places in London.


Why Consider Corporate Food Tours?

We work with local businesses and local foodies like us that are passionate about what they do. In addition to simply tasting foods, we try to connect the people behind the scenes with participants of the tour, so that our groups can fully understand the passion behind the delicacies.

Your group will be provided with an expert Food Guide, who will lead you to some of Soho’s most famous institutions, while keeping your group entertained as well as informed about food, cultures, and interesting historical points. Your group will get a more unique and personalised understanding of Soho’s International food scene.

This is the perfect option for corporate groups that are looking for a more exclusive and customised experience.


What's The Next Step?

We offer a delicious selection of TOUR OPTIONS that can be made private for your company activity.

In addition to OUR FOOD TOURS, we can also create a customised tour for your company, if you are prefer to create something in particular or exclusive.

Fill out the CUSTOMISED Tour Request Form, and let us know how we can help you create the perfect tour to meet your company’s needs.


Still Have Questions?

We are happy to answer all of your questions by phone or email – simply fill out a CUSTOMISED TOUR REQUEST Form