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Since opening London Food Lovers Tours, we have received many reviews on TRIPADVISOR and VIATOR, as well as a number of reviews from our clients who have written to us personally:

TripAdvisor Reviews of London Food Lovers

Clients Personal Reviews

london-logo  Riki, Israel:

I would like to compliment Sarah’s tour, she was so wonderful!!! So kind, patient, friendly, and the tour was Beyond expectations. I already recommend this tour to all my friends in Israel. Thank you very much!

london-logoKaren Beyer, USA:

“We thoroughly enjoyed the stops of the tour and listening to the history and significance behind them. The food and drink were delicious! We loved meeting new people and sharing our travel experiences throughout the afternoon!”

london-logo Angie Folz, USA:

“Part of visiting countries is not only to soak in the history and culture, but also to TASTE the area you are visiting. Sarah takes you along a lovely walk of the very cool district of Soho – she tells you neat historical tidbits and tales all the while enjoying unique delicious foods! I am salivating for the next time I can take another tour with Sarah and the team! Thank you all for a great day out and amazing types of scrumptious foods!”

london-logo Cristiane B Mescollote, Brazil:

“Lovely places! Lovely multi-cultural food! Lovely tour guide! I had such a nice time!!!”

london-logoIngrid Cabral Vaques Restelli, Brazil: 

“The Food Lovers tour was a surprise from the beginning to the end. It was great to see that even living in the city for 7 years you able to discover so many amazing places with great history and quality. The diversity that London offers, makes every stop a new discovery and with a great guidance you have the opportunity to find out what the city can really offer. I highly recommend as a great choice of activity for a weekend in the city, something interesting and different to do with family or as a work get together, it just offers options for all tastes and ages.”

london-logoDaniel and Zuza, Poland: 

“My husband and I had a blast on London Food Lovers Tour. It was fun walking around the Soho and sampling the unique foods from all the diffrent restaurants. Our tour guide Sarah was very informative and friendly. Our tour included wine testing, amazing food( we tried food cooked to perfection), tee tasting and some yummy desserts absolutely DELICIOUS!!! we were pleasantly full by the end of the tour, the portions were just right at each restaurant we visited.

We loved learning about history behind the restaurants and recipes from the owners, bakers and chiefs. All the other tour guests were friendly foodies and it was fun getting to know all of them! It was perfect day for me and my husband, we can’t recommend it enough!!! There’s no doubt London Food Lovers will quickly become the hottest tour in town!!!! ”

london-logoRoisin Kelly, Italy: 

“This was by far one of the greatest experiences I’ve had in London. The food on this tour was delicious, and carefully selected to ensure a gastronomic feast that engaged all the senses. What really blew me away though -not being a resolute “foodie” or anythng, just knowing a bit about the pleasures of dining and living in a country that holds food at a higher standard+ mixes it in with the way of life – was the cultural aspect!! very unexpected…I thought this tour would be something fun to fill my time in London, but it went above and beyond my expectations of merely ‘sampling food’ like I thought…

Instead, not only did we eat some of the most creative and appetizing food I’ve ever had (all the while swinging from street casual to sophisticated venues to appreciate variety) but the Director of the tour Sara (so knowledgeable and lovely!!) ensured a real educational experience of Soho, telling us the most interesting stories and filling in our historical blanks about a diverse neighbourhood that has become one of the most vibrant, provocative and stimulating areas of central London. I don’t want to give anything away (i also don’t usually leave such long reviews!) but I can’t recommend this tour enough… It was entertaining, interesting, exquisite and so different from any tour (food or otherwise) I’ve ever been on.

I will DEFINITELY be checking out other tours/locations by Food Lovers in the future. I think whether you’re already a food lover or not, this tour Will open you up to new worlds (even a couple of Londoners in the group were surprised at the places they discovered!). As an added bonus -and maybe we were just lucky- the atmosphere and general vibe in our group was great, and many of us swapped emails at the end. I’ve been on tours where you dread having to interact with the group you were placed in, but I think Sara’s professionalism coupled with her fun and light approach really set the course and put us all at ease from the very first moment. Anyway, I will definitely be going back to a few of those little gems next time I’m in London. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! ”

london-logo Kate Mcllwain, London: 

“Although I am a Londoner I was still introduced to some charming places selling delicious foods that I had not known about.The tour was very informative and entertaining; we learnt about the history of the establishments and the areas we visited. We had just the right amount of food to keep us happy but wanting more and it was so much fun that when it was over we did not want to go home, so we just carried on!”

london-logo Lee Richard Collier, London: 

“Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? I’ll tell you who can, the team at “London Food Lovers”!! I have to say this was a gastronomic jamboree peppered with facts and fun. We visited a number of fantastic establishments whom offered great hospitality and golden nuggets of their culinary skills. The tour was very well organised and insightful. Just when you think you know it all you get a wonderful surprise, I felt like I’d toured the planet with dishes and refreshments from sunny Hawaii to the backstreets of Taiwan…..not leaving out indigenous London culinary delights such as a fabulous fish n chips with a selection of ales! My advice….book your ticket and do not..I repeat, do not eat a morsel before you go!”