Come on a unique gastronomic adventure with LONDON FOOD LOVERS Tours and get a taste of CULTURE, HISTORY and London’s incredible cosmopolitan flavours


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Local Food Experts lead fellow foodie travelers through an unforgettable journey of delicious flavours, interesting cultures and unique stories


Taste authentic British and International foods from our favourite places – some new and some that have been feeding locals for generations


Explore London’s unique Boroughs – from the graffitti-filled East End to the world’s first Soho – home of fashion, food, and Rock’n’Roll


Experience London like a local, and discover the rich cultures and fascinating history in the best way possible – through its cuisine!

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Why Choose Us for a London Food Tour?

london-logo Whether you are a food lover or simply interested in experiencing in a London Food Tour, with London Food Lovers you get a unique gastronomic adventure with a wide variety of delicious foods – sharing the history, cultures, and stories that come with those foods.

london-logo We are not just tour guides, we are “food lovers” and our mission is to help you to experience and taste London’s incredible cosmopolitan flavors. Most importantly, through exploring foods, you also explore cultures!

london-logo Our Food Tours include a wide variety of different food and drink tastings enjoyed in the company of small and intimate groups. So, come with us, and spend a relaxing day eating and drinking your way through London’s unique and diverse culinary landscape!

london-logoThe Best Food Lover’s Experience!

Our tours are made up of very unique places, which were hand-selected by us based on “wow-factor” and the lasting impression that was left on our palates.

london-logoNot just a Food Tour – Get the Local Feel!

Not only will you satisfy your appetite, but your expert Food Guide will satiate your hunger for the cultural tidbits of the area, so that you can really feel like a local Londoner.

london-logoSmall Groups are Essential!

Savor your tasting experience the way you should – in a small group of no more than 12 people.